Tips To Ensure A Great Session

Always Be Polite and Respectful

One little slip of the tongue can ruin your session. It is not always in our best interest to tell you when you piss us off over the phone, so we will just hold off and show you. Be really nice, don’t crack jokes. They are not ever funny. Your escort is a little firecracker and you don’t want to be the one with his pants down when she goes off.


Arrive Clean and Well Groomed

And PLEASE, PLEASE pop a mint or some gum!! If you have been working all day and couldn’t get to a shower, just let us know and we will be happy to let you use ours. Personally, I ALWAYS take showers before my sessions. I would take a shower with you, but I can’t risk my hair turning into a huge afro! I am not saying anything about my habits, but in generally clean balls get a lot more play then dirty ones. Just saying…


Use Proper Money Etiquette

The money should never be something that takes a lot of talk and time in the session. You should know her rate, including any extra services you want, before you want through the door. Have that amount ready (don’t open your wallet and flash your big stack of cash in front of her), take it out of your pocket in the beginning and set it down somewhere. This simple action tells her that you have the money. She should not go for it right away. She should leave it there to let you know that she is ready to earn it.


Get Everything You Want

If there is a fantasy or fetish you want to try, please do not be shy. Telling us what you want is the only way to ensure that you will get it. Most escorts offer services well beyond the list of abbreviations. We will do what you want us to do. Do not leave your session unsatisfied because your provider did not read your mind. That is not our job.

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