Session Descriptions

Virtual Session

MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE! This 20 or 45 min Skype session can either be cam to cam or cam/text on your phone. This does include a private show. I have several toys available to suit your taste. Payment can be made via PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay. I DO NOT DO FACETIME OR ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES ME TO HOLD MY PHONE!

Social Session

This session is for those who want me to accompany them to a restaurant, movie, nightclub, or any public place. We can have a great time. Talk, laugh, and do something you really like to do. I am super relaxed and easy-going. Not at all the type to say what I don’t want to do or don’t like to eat. If I have never tried it, I’m open to it. THIS SESSION DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY PRIVATE TIME. If you decide you want to spend private time together, you are welcome to book if my schedule permits (It probably will)

Erotic Hour

Standard GFE session. Available both incall (you come to me) or outcall (I go to you). I do not speak Greek and please NEVER ask me for bare. It’s easy to book and screening is light.  




I do like the opportunity to confirm your location that hotels permit. I am hesitant to go on long drives to private residence. In order to confirm I do like to call  the hotel and, for nicer hotels, it may require your first name. I promise it will be immediately forgotten and there is absolutely no threat of me doing anything with that info. If it makes you feel better I will tell you mine in exchange. 

Role Play

Below this is a list of my favorite scenarios. You may choose one or contact me to discuss your fantasy. For outcall, I can arrive in character but prefer to change when I arrive. For incall, I will be in character when you arrive. We will act out the scenario for the entire session. My scenarios all have you in dominate role but I am more than ok with being in the dominate role if you wish. 

Proper Meeting

This is the recommended meeting. Can be incall or outcall. We will stay in our private space and have a nice time. Wine or cocktails is highly recommended. This session includes MSOG (if you don’t know what that is, contact me and I will tell you) and can also include Role Play if you wish. 

Anything that you desire that is not part of a standard GFE session needs to be discussed beforehand.  

Dinner Date

This 3 hour appointment may include a social outing but does not have to. The difference between a dinner date and a social date with session afterward is that we will start at private location and spend time getting to know each other there before heading out. Basically, 2 hours private 1 public as oppose to 2 public 1 private. 

If we stay in, it is recommended that spirits and light finger food are provided. I will certainly supply this for incalls and if you need me to bring for outcall, I will. Its just better. Trust me.  

Doubles Session

This session includes me and any one of my lovely friends. MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. It can be either 1 hour or 90 min. 


THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE TO FIRST TIME CLIENTS. We must have had at least one session before this is available.

One Fun Night

This 12 hour session can include everything from all of the others. I may even be able to swing a double during that time. We can go out or stay in. I prefer this be outcall but on the right day I may host. I know tons of things to do around the city so , if you want the whole evening planned out, I can help with that. If you want to do nothing but lay in bed, that is great too. Generally included 3 sessions, but that is also not a rule. 

Weekend Trip


Please call to discuss your specific plans




Doubles Partners

April of Dallas-*Please call for more info
Peach Pleasure

Role Play Scenarios

If you are looking for a little more fun and excitement than a typical GFE session provides, you came to the right place! My new Role Play sessions are the perfect way to cut lose, be a little silly or get kinkier than you ever have. Take a break from your world and become someone else for a short time, then get right back to business with the memories of your wild adventure! You don’t have to be nervous or shy or embarrassed because no one will ever know except you and me!

Below I have listed my favorite role play scenarios. Pick your favorite and don’t break character (unless of course you want to). Get ready for action!



Maid I’d Like To Fuck

You come home early to find the maid cleaning as usual in that slutty uniform she always wears. She is so hot and you have often fantasized about the things you’d like to do to her. You know she doesn’t make much money and, since you are all alone, you share some thoughts on how she can earn a little extra.


The Sluttiest Girl In School

You are a tutor that has been hired by the parents of a teenage girl because her grades are slipping. Her folks don’t know that the reason her grades have dropped is because she spends all of her time in the boys locker room or behind the bleachers. Everyone at school knows she will do anything with anybody. She doesn’t even bother to wear panties under her uniform! Her trusting and clueless parents leave you alone with her and she can think of something she would much rather do than study!


Jail Bait

She is your teenage daughter’s best friend and has turned into one sexy young woman. You know its wrong, but you can’t help but notice the firm ass and tits barely covered by the skimpy clothes she wears. She is staying at your home while her parents are on vacation. One day, you come home early from work and find her there, ditching school half naked and masturbating right in your living room, a porno playing on your big screen TV. You try to lecture her but you can see in her eyes all she wants is your cock. Don’t worry, she can keep a secret!


X-Rated Stripper

You ask the sexy stripper you like back to the VIP for a private dance. After the song is over, you want to find out what all she is really willing to do for tips

*Donation in 10’s and 20’s works best


Job Applicant

You are the boss and are looking for the best people for your team. You need someone that will do what they are told without question or hesitation. You only have one more question for the hot little bitch in front of you now, “How badly do you want this job?