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Every girl should have accurate contact info on her ad. Not only should it be accurate, it should be closely monitored so that she is easy to get a hold of. If she has someone answering the phone for her, it should be mentioned in the ad. No one has time to waste!


There is no excuse for putting inaccurate photos on an ad. If a girl can’t take a pretty picture she should find another job. If she is so worried about someone seeing her that she blurs her face, my advice is the same. I can almost guarantee that if her face was a major selling point, she would show it. Bio info should be true as well. No one likes a liar!

*I am ammending this as I now understand the reasoning behind blurred face photos. 

Proper Maintainance

She should be well groomed and her hygiene should be good. When you meet her, she should look as if she is going somewhere special. That means great hair and make-up and a killer outfit. If it is not obvious she showered right before your meeting, tell her to…I would tell her to leave! No one likes a dirty girl!

Delivery Of Services

Any service advertised should be delivered. We write our own ads and we are free to include any limitations, or charge extra for certain things. Her approach natural and she should be experienced sexually and eager to please you. No one is forcing anyone to do anything.


Sex is not the only thing necessary to make a meeting enjoyable. She should be well spoken, interesting, intelligent, and polite. She should be comfortable and flirty, even suggestive. She should relax and entice you with conversation. No one likes a bore!

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