How To Choose The Right Girl


Do Your Homework!

Make sure the girl you are eyeing has a history of ads and reviews. Websites like TER and ECCIE are good for that. Eros is not, and that is why guys get burned. Preferred411 is a little bit of a hassle, they require a background check and employment verification for men to aquire membership. The good thing is, every girl also has to undergo a verification process, done personally by the site’s owner. TER (The Erotic Review) and ECCIE charge a fee for access to a database of client reviews. All you have to do is search by name. We are ALL on there, good and bad.  If your girl isn’t there, think twice before you see her.

 Do not tell yourself a photo looks “to good to be true”!

You will cheat yourself! There is no way of tellling a fake photo from a real one. We all know that the photos are the key to success. For us true escorts, that means spending the time and money to get the best we can, which often times, is pretty damn good.

Read her profile, or at least scan it!

For heaven’s sake! Forget what it actually says. Look for spelling and grammatical errors to tell you if a girl is dumb or inexperienced. If it is too well and efficiently written, look for the same profile, or a slightly edited version, on other ads. Agencies should always advertise as such, but they don’t. You want a hint of inexperience in the advertising department to give the ad a more personal feel. Avoid girls with lengthy profiles. It could only be a list of demands!

 Listen for the “hello”!

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT INDICATOR of quality. When you call her, does she answer with a peppy, clear “Hello?”. In my opinion, if the answer is no, hang up and move on. Does the voice on the phone the girl in the picture? Listen for the little things, but don’t judge too quickly. Make sure she answers the phone as if she may be receiving a call from a client she wishes to see.

Do not look for fault

Because this is a situation in which you have to use your instincts to make a decision, it is easy to become overly critical. Remember when communicating with a lady that this is the lady that caught your eye and you want it to work out. Do not approach her with a magnifying glass and begin an interagation, and please, please do not try to be clever and ask loaded questions. It is sooo annoying!

Of course, the conversation!!

Of course, after the peppy hello, the phone conversation is what makes or breaks. An experienced provider will always maintain a certain level of professionalism. Keep in mind, however, that we are in the business of engaging your personal side. She is trying to get a feel for you by giving you a feel for her.Do not tolerate rudeness or contempt. She is NOT that busy, trust me! Remember that beautiful girls like me are waiting for you to call. I hope it isn’t to impersonal to say, “we want your business!”. Keep your expectations high and the right girl will meet them.

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