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I am a full time provider, meaning I do not have another job that hinders my schedule. I have my phone with me all of the time so, unless I am sleeping, I will answer your call or text. I do not like to take calls after midnight, but I might make an exception if you present a strong case. I do not care for booking far in advance. Something almost always happens and plans change. If you are traveling here, call me when you arrive and are settled. It’s likely I am available or we can work out a good time. I do travel away from Dallas sometimes, but I am usually here.

It is necessary for us to speak on the phone before I will meet. References are helpful but not 100% necessary.

Ask me by filling out the form on my home page or, better yet, just call me.

They are very accurate. I am a little thinner in my older photos but I think it is clear by looking at all of them what about me changes and what doesn’t. I look the same every day and beauty maintenance is part of my normal routine. I am 100% natural. That means no fake hair or body parts. The nails are subject to change.

First I want to define fetish as something way outside of the realm of normal bedroom activities, then I want to say no, for the most part fetishes are NOT available.
No I do not see couples. I wish I was more open to that, but I have had some awkward experiences.
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